Talking about Paul Briggs

This week, Monday 20th February, Jakki and Lindsey Briggs appeared on This Morning to talk about Paul Briggs and how if he had made an advance decision to refuse treatment (ADRT) the issue of going to the Court of Protection would not have occurred. Lindsey emphasised the importance of creating a document if you have views about not having life sustaining treatment in certain situations. She describes how family could have enacted Paul’s wishes much sooner and that this would have been in line with his wishes in terms of also not wishing for his family to go through the CoP process.

For those wishing to catch up on the programme, both Jakki and Lindsey are speaking from 11am: This Morning TV Show

Compassion in Dying have also launched a campaign ‘Make it your decision’ to raise awareness of ADRTs and you can access further information on this here: Make It Your Decision

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