IMCA Conference 2017 – Save the Date!

National IMCA Conference 2017 

Exploring a Decade of Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy
In April 2007 in England (and October 2007 in Wales) the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy service and role came into effect. We’re excited to announce that we are hosting two national IMCA conferences, to be sponsored by Irwin Mitchell and to be held on:

20th October 2017 – Sheffield  (IMCA Conference North)

10th November 2017 – London (IMCA Conference South)

We will explore what has happened over the last 10 years, how IMCAs have influenced practice, policy and case law, and key developments  – including the increasing importance of advocacy reports in Court of Protection decisions and IMCAs’ increasing involvement as litigation friend. We also want to reflect on the demands for IMCA services, particularly in light of recent judgments where the role is promoted as significant and important – with an inevitable impact in terms of demands and resources.

The conference is open to all those that work within the Mental Capacity field including solicitors, deputies, social workers, best interests assessors and others from the health and social care sector.

Speakers and topics / panel discussions soon to be confirmed but will include

  • Case law developments – how ‘best interests’ has been shaped by recent judgements and what this now means.
  • The role of litigation friend – families or IMCAs fulfilling this role – conflict of interest or appropriate independent representation for P?
  • Serious Medical Treatment & PEG feeds – how decisions are approached differently dependent on patient need or diagnosis.
  • Vulnerable Adults Bill – an opportunity to discuss implications, opportunities and reservations.

We will be hosting the same conference in the north and south to ensure maximum accessibility for all IMCAs and other professionals and this is an exciting opportunity to reflect and learn from the last decade.

Further details and booking information to be sent soon.

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