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It has been quite some time since Empowerment Matters shared any information about the work or even the law and practice, this is purely due to capacity / ability to do so since Sue retired, the focus has been on delivering advocacy as well as writing a book on the subject.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. The last main communications referenced a lot of the advocacy work that had been carried out by myself (Jakki) with regards those in a Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness (PDOC) including Paul Briggs, Jodie Simpson and Mrs N, all published Court of Protection judgments. As this quietly continued with some lesser publicity in comparison to the Paul Briggs case (in terms of the media and court) I began writing a book, of which I would like to share.

The book is in two parts, part one being about my story of advocacy and the changes that I’ve witnessed along the way as well as the wider impact of the last (almost) twenty years. The second part is really the most important part as it’s about the advocacy stories, about the people that needed an advocate and the experience of that.

To offer an easier insight that me describing further I’ve enclosed a snapshot of the book which can be purchased via this link: Life, Death and the Journeys in Between

Please note that as the publisher Lulu is currently updating their website, if there are any difficulties with the above link then go straight to the website and search ‘Jakki Cowley’ and you can access the book that way.

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In trying to view the current situation we’re all in as an opportunity or time to reflect or whatever this time brings for you, I hope some may find reading this, a fitting way to spend time not being able to do our work. The irony is not lost on me that I’ve written a book on ‘Life, death and the journeys in between’ and publishing in this current climate but I sincerely hope the reasons for writing which is ultimately about telling another’s story highlights our continued need for being each others voice.

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Clinically assisted nutrition & hydration (CANH)

The British Medical Association (BMA) in conjunction with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and General Medical Council (GMC) have recently produced interim guidance on the withdrawal of CANH following recent developments in the courts and changes to court rules.

Their full statement can be accessed here: CANH Interim Guidance

You will be able to access the guidance via the above link and will note that their full guidance will be published in May 2018.


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