Mental Capacity Act

Acting as a Litigation Friend in the Court of Protection – Alex Ruck Keene

This Guidance aims to demystify the Court of Protection generally and the role of litigation friend specifically so as to enable more people to consider taking up the role – thereby ensuring the better promotion and protection of the rights of those said to be lacking capacity to take their own decisions.


MCA and acquired brain injury – ABI & MCA special interests group

This report makes 6 recommendations for action that will specifically address difficulties associated with using the Mental Capacity Act on behalf of people with an acquired brain injury. 


Response to the House of Lords Report on the MCA – Department of Health


Decisions relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – BMA, Resus Council (UK) and the RCN.

New guidance (October 2014). The guidance identifies the key ethical and legal principles that should inform all CPR decisions.



Guidance for Assessing, Supporting and Empowering Specific Decision Making

The guidance focuses primarily on how to assess an individual’s capacity in relation to financial decision-making and makes practical suggestions about supporting an individual to make specific financial decisions. Published September 2014.


Mental Capacity Act Leaflets 

We have a range of leaflets that offer you information about the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.  These are designed to enable you to have quick and easy access to specific parts of the Act to guide and inform you about your rights or rights of someone you know that is being cared for within the framework of the Act.  They are also aimed at professionals who may need to see information or guidance about aspects of the Act including how best interest decisions should be made.

Family & Friends Information Booklet

This booklet is for family and friends of anyone who may have decisions being made on their behalf under the framework of the Mental Capacity Act.  The aim of this booklet is to enable family and friends represent someone and know their rights where decisions are being made about someone they provide care for or are involved in their lives.


 Court of Protection Handbook website

This site accompanies the Court of Protection Handbook,  the first book to address in detail the practice and processes of the Court of Protection – across the whole range of its work – in terms that are aimed not solely at lawyers but also to the increasing numbers of people who either by choice or otherwise are involved in proceedings before the Court of Protection without legal help.

Court of Protection Handbook website


SCIE Mental Capacity Act Resource

SCIE MCA Resource

SCIE Mental Capacity Directory

The MCA Directory helps to raise awareness about the MCA, including the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. You will find useful information and various tools to help understand or implement it.  There is material here for people who may be subject to the Act’s provisions, and for professionals from a range of backgrounds.  There are links to leading blogs in this area, as well as to the Social Care Online database of research and journals.

 MCA directory


Skills For Care MCA Qualification – Level 3 Award

This qualification provides the knowledge and understanding required by a learner to provide care and treatment to individuals in accordance with the value base that underpins the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

MCA Level 3 Award

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