Financial decision-making workshops – care homes

We are delighted to announce that in conjunction with Irwin Mitchell solicitors we will be delivering a series of free workshops in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, aimed at promoting supported decision making and enabling care homes residents to have more of a say in decisions about their own finances.

The workshops will be very interactive with the opportunity for discussion and to link what the Mental Capacity Act means in the context of supporting residents.  Relevant case studies, and practical examples are used to bring the Act to life and enable participants to apply it to their everyday work.

Care home staff, need to be confident that they can fully implement the Act in their professional practice to achieve the best outcomes for their clients. Our workshop can support them to do that.

Financial Workshop Leaflet Care Homes

Please note that the funding for these workshops has now ended but you are welcome to contact to arrange one in your area. Fee to host one of these will be confirmed on enquiry (due to travel required this may vary).

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