MCA – Family Carers

This course is for family carers who want to know more about the Mental Capacity Act,   its relevance to them and their family and how they can use it when significant decisions are being made.

It can be delivered in-house for best value.

The course covers:

  • What is the Mental Capacity Act?
  • How the Mental Capacity Act can help
  • LPAs and Advance Decisions
  • Your rights and the rights of the person you support when decisions are being made
  • How to make sure that decisions are in a person’s best interests
  • What you can do if you don’t agree with what’s decided or you think the Act isn’t being followed

What people said about the course:

“Better equipped to question decisions.  Cascade information to other parents/carers at brother’s residential home in family meeting.”

“Power of Attorney and advance decision will be strongly considered.”

“I have referred someone re mental capacity because I believed they needed help making decisions and was told I was wrong.  Now I will be able to back up my reasons now quoting MCA as I felt my thoughts were not being taken seriously and a meeting should now be considered with the family and person involved.”

“Use reference of MCA when dealing with professionals providing care for my relatives.”

“I found it all useful as was explained so I could understand, a complicated topic explained well.”

“To empower me to look after my son.”

“I didn’t realise carers could be so involved!”