Independent Mental Health Advocate

People who are treated under the Mental Health Act have the right to independent mental health advocacy (IMHA).

This applies to hospital patients and those who are on a Supervised Community Treatment Orders or under guardianship.

IMHAs support individuals with:

  • Explaining and exercising your rights
  • Request a review of your section through access to a mental health tribunal
  • Understanding how to raise concerns about your experience and/or care in hospital
  • Helping you to find out information about your treatment
  • Preparing and supporting at meetings
  • Being fully involved in your care planning
  • Helping you to find out whether any conditions or restrictions apply to you
  • Attending ward rounds or care reviews


IMHA Guidance from Action for Advocacy 

Mental Health Act Code of Practice (revised)


IMHA Resource – SCIE in association with University of Central Lancashire

IMHA Resource


University of Central Lancashire

Review of the quality of Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)

IMHA Review

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