IMCA report writing & case law

IMCAs need to be able to produce quality, well-evidenced reports that provide decision makers with information about their investigations and are a thorough representation of their client’s situation.

The IMCA’s report is an important document that can influence the decision to be made in their client’s best interests. Writing high quality reports, containing all the necessary information and using relevant case law to ensure maximum impact is not easy when managing a busy caseload.

This course is aimed at IMCAs who want to improve or refresh their report-writing skills and gain confidence in using up-to-date case law in their reports. There have been some significant cases in the Court of Protection during the last year that may affect clients or have implications for IMCA practice. The course will look at how best to represent your client through the IMCA report and will examine a range of judgments in the Court of Protection and how they can be used in reports.

Through attending the course IMCAs will be able to:

•    Review and evaluate the report writing template they currently use.
•    Identify the components of a good quality report.
•    Adapt reports depending on the type of decision.
•    Identify how to write a good conclusion.
•    Use relevant case law in IMCA reports.
•    Use the IMCA Report Writing Evaluation tool.


“I will use case law & focus on the message I am giving in a conclusion”

“I will us what I’ve learnt in the course of my work, not just in report writing but in my approach”

“Feel I can now break down Court of Protection judgements to reference my work”

“Had the opportunity to reflect on how I structure reports and reflect on my analysis within a conclusion”

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for this training in-house.




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